Below is a selection of hotels and other accommodation in/nearby to the town. A search of websites such as may provide further options as will neighbouring areas such as Swansea, Burry Port or Carmarthen.

Local Hotels:

Vista Hotel (Murray Street) – 5 mins walk

Thomas Arms Hotel (Thomas Street) – 5 mins walk

Llanelli Travelodge (East Gate) – 7 mins walk

Premier Inn Llanelli Central West (Sandy) – 5 mins drive

Premier Inn Llanelli Central East (Pemberton) – 5 mins drive

Best Western Diplomat (Felinfoel) – 5 mins drive

Stradey Park Hotel (Stradey) – 5 mins drive

Sessile Oak (Trostre) – 5 mins drive


Holiday Flats:

Llanelli Beach Holiday Apartments – 5 mins drive


Gateway Holiday Park – 10 min drive